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Joe Hall Co-Owner/Manager


Rocket Rentals and Rocket Productions AZ

​We have a huge wharehouse and multiple trucks and trailers packed full of all of the movie lighting, grip and production equipment you need. Being in the business for generations we have built up a huge list of connections for anything production related. We can help coordinate your productions by providing access to many types of crew support as well as equipment. If you need Movie Cameras, Movie Lights, Grip Trucks and Equipment for rent or crew services for hire then you have come to the right place!

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Generations of Experience

Being in the business for generations has allowed us to amass a huge list of connections as well as build up a huge product selection.

Complete Services

If you need help finding PA's, Camera Operators, Gaffers, Grips, or any other production coordinating services in AZ and the Southwest give us a call.

Affordable Price Guarantee

Because we have a huge wharehouse with our own high quality well maintained equipment we are able to offer affordable pricing to our clients.

Film Cameras, Lighting, Grip and Electric Gear Rental and Crew Support

All of our packages are loaded with top quality equipment:

Sony – Arri – HMI – Kino Flo – Tungsten – LEDs
Strobes – Expendables – Dollies – Grip & Rigging
Trucks – Generators – Distro

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Contact Joe Hall with any questions: 480-331-1906

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Any special or custom equipment needs feel free to give us a call


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