Cameras, Lighting, Grip and Electric Rentals and Crew

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Rocket Productions offers all the services and equipment you need for film production in Arizona and the Southwest USA. Our team has been in the film production for generations. We have a fully stocked rental house with lighting and grip equipment. We can supply equipment, personel, and expertise to your next production. Our experience and connections put us above the rest when you need to cover multiple areas of production. We work on everything from small local commercials to major motion pictures. Check out our News section for past work and references.

Production Consulting

If you have a production in Arizona or the Southwest US and you need help coordinating equipment, man power, transportation then give me a call. As an owner and operator I take pride in my equipment and my word. Having been in the business for many years I have great connections in Arizona for Sound, Camera, Talent, Locations as well as my company’s specialty Light, Grip and Electric Rental and Crew Services.


Lighting Grip and Electric Gear Rental


Lighting Grip and Electric Crew for hire